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copper investment casting


Investment Casting

Investment casting technology has come a long way since then.

investment casting process


Investment Casting

The investment castings practice has been in exsistence for many hundreds of years.

The Process
investment casting manufacturers


Investment Casting

The investment castings process has been in exsistence for many hundreds of years.
Investment casting technology has come a long way since then.

The Process

Welcome - Trident Investment Castings

Investment moldings are the designers dream. Thin walls, better finishes and internal cores or passages are possible. These castings are frequently produced from a few grams onward to several hundred kilograms. Majority of the parts are in the smaller category.

Trident Steels produces investment casts to exacting standards. We manufacture investment casts in various grades of Carbon steels, Stainless steels & Copper alloys including Nickel Silvers. The parts we cast are with excellent surfaces finish, with good aesthetics & close tolerances. We have a modern plant & have machinery to produce quality investment casts. We encourage our staff, who are our strength, to give their best. This is why we have the reputation as manufacturers of quality investment casts.

Trident Steels products are wax injection die, wax pattern injection, wax pattern assembly, coat slurry dip, flash fire de-wax, with Aluminium Castings, Copper castings, Gun Metal castings, Phosphor Bronze castings, Carbon Steel castings and for wide range of applications.

Our Products

What We Do

About Trident Steels

Investment practice today is a highly specialized method of producing near net shape.

Our Production

We produce casts in the weight range from a few grammes to about 15 Kgs single piece.

We Manufactures

Trident Steels manufactures Stainless Steel casts of pipe fittings in S.S304 and S.S316 grades.

Casting Made In

Casts can be made with under-cuts, through or blind holes andtapers.

Why Us

What is Investment Casting? You will find steel cast parts in all general engineering applications, more especially in defence, medical, pump, valve, and aviation industries. The basic method of steel casts has been in use for more than 5000 years for the production of jewellery, sculptures & ornaments. The process was adopted on an industrial scale during the Second World War & since then it has grown steadily.

The investment castings process has been in existence for many hundreds of years. It was only during the second world war, its full potential for mass manufacturing of parts was fully utilised on an industrial scale for casting critical parts like turbine blades and for arms and armaments.

We are highly professional in all kind of support, we will not compromise on our work efficiency. Do write us your queries, will get back to you shortly.

Email : tridentsteels@gmail.com

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As-Cast Surface Finishes

Aluminium Investment Castings60-100
Copper Investment Castings60-100
Gun Metal Investment Castings60-100
Phosphor Bronze Investment Castings60-100
Cobalt Chrome Investment Castings80-100
300 Series Stainless Steel Investment Casting90-125
Carbon Steel Investment Castings90-125
400 Series Stainless Steel Investment Castings100-125
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