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Investment Casting uses a mold that has been produced by surrounding an expendable pattern with a refractory slurry that sets at room temperature. The pattern (usually of wax or plastic) is then melted or burned out, leaving the mold cavity. Investment casting is also known as the “lost-wax process”and as “precision casting”.
In sand casting, wood or metal pattern are used to make the impression in the molding material. The pattern can be re-used, but the mold is expendable. In Investment casting, a metal pattern die is used to produce the patterns, which, in turn, are used to produce ceramic molds. Both the pattern and molds are expendable. Ceramic cores are used, as required, and these also are expendable.
Investment casting is the most flexible of all the precision casting process with respect to attainable intricacy,precision and the variety of alloys that may be cast within its inherent size limitations. Of the various casting techniques, investment casting is both the newest and the oldest, depending on whether you consider it from the standpoint of industrial history or total genealogy.
Many exaggerated claims were made regarding the “precision” casting process. These claims could have lead many engineers to believe that they could safely discard their “old fashioned” machine tools. Many technical articles purported to establish the dimensional tolerances for production castings to limits as extreme as 0.0001 in. per inch. In reality, however, liner tolerances of 0.002-0.005 in. per inch where difficult to obtain. As a result, castings were incorrectly considered competitive (with respect to accuracy and economy) with modern machine tools.
Properly designed investment castings will afford economic advantages over alternate product designs intended for the same function. The gain occasionally is reflected in the initial cost. More often, it is the result of an increase of endurance or efficiency, which is not readily apparent. Many times, the first and final costs are less where the optimum design and alloy selection practices have been observed. If these factors are not applicable, then the use of the investment casting may not be warranted.
Of the casting methods in use- precision or conventional- the investment technique is the most flexible. It is competitive with all other casting processes where the size of the products is within a mutually castable range. Investment castings also compete with powder metal products, forgings, stampings, spinnings, coined parts, weldments, solderments, brasements and innumerable assembled parts held together with rivets, pins, bolts or other fasteners.
The significance of investment castings as an economical substitute for alternate hot or cold forming technique lies in that the process gives designers a major new technique to solve difficult production problems.
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Trident Steels has 23+ years of experience and is one of the leading Investment casting manufacturer and exporters of a comprehensive range of SS Investment Castings, Metal Investment Castings and Stainless Steel Casting Parts that are widely used in the automobile, bottling, aerospace, gauges, instrumentation industry etc.

Our Mission

Our goal is to produce total quality Investment casting.

Our Vision

Our range of castings is globally accredited for its sturdiness, dimensional tolerance, smooth finish and corrosion resistance.
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  • Investment Casting and Its Benefits
    Investment casting or precision casting or the "lost wax" is a method of producing intricate shapes, weighing from a small fraction to a comparatively large one. For every produced part, an ‘injection mould wax pattern’ is used. This is encased in several layers of ceramics.
  • Manufacturing Unit
    Our modern manufacturing unit enables us to develop as the array of castings well within the scheduled time. The unit is stretched across a sprawling area and is equipped with all the latest facilities that assist in the smooth production of our range, with minimum cost.
  • Casting Made In
    Castings can be made with under-cuts, through or blind holes andtapers.
“ Trident Steels is certified ISO 9001:2015 to ensure the
quality of all its products “
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Trident: Investment Casting Manufacturer

Investment castings are the designers dream. Thin walls, better finishes and internal cores or passages are possible. These castings are frequently produced from a few grams onward to several hundred kilograms. Majority of the parts are in the smaller category.
We manufacture investment castings in various grades of Carbon steels, Stainless steels & Copper alloys including Nickel Silvers. The parts we cast are with excellent surfaces finish, with good aesthetics & close tolerances. We have a modern plant & have machinery to produce quality investment castings. We encourage our staff, who are our strength, to give their best.
Our essence metal investment casting manufacturer unit is equipped with all major quality control universal equipment for construct lot of value addition, over the investment casting with all type of machining treatment and testing as per product and clientrequirement. Our unit strives for higher achievements with client satisfaction by acquiring closer tolerance, better finishes, and higher quality standard in our products and services.

Investment Casting Design Considerations

Today, investment casting is becoming a very popular manufacturing process due to the numerous advantages that it offers. One of the key benefits is the capability to produce near net parts from strong and wear resistant materials allowing the elimination of expensive and time-consuming post processes. We trident steel follow the crucial considerations to be made while designing the investment casting:
  • Wall Thickness
  • Linear Tolerances
  • Radii
  • Surface Texture
Unlike other manufacturing techniques, the above-mentioned factors can be utilized for creating a best-quality investment casting with the potential for less defects at a lower cost.

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