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The Investment Casting Process
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Wax Injection Die

A wax injection die or mould is made which is the exact negative replica of the part to be made. This contains pull out cores which form slots, holes etc.

Wax Injection Die
Wax Pattern Injection & First Stage Pattern Inspection

Wax is injected into the mould under pressure so as to form a defect free wax pattern which is an exact replica of the part to be made. The patterns are also inspected for defects which may show up later on finished goods. Defective patterns are not repaired but discarded.

Wax Pattern Injection
First Stage Pattern Inspection
Wax Pattern Assembly

The wax pattern is assembled on to a wax sprue. This assembly is known as a tree or a cluster.

WAX Pattern Assembly
1st Coat Slurry Dip & Sand Rain

This cluster is dipped into a fine ceramic slurry, drained of excess slurry & held under a cascade of fine ceramic sand. These are high temperature resisting ceramics. This is the coat which the metal will come in contact with when the ceramic shell will be poured.

1st Coat Slurry Dip
Sand Rain
Backup Coat Slurry Dip & Fluidized Bed Stucco

The shell is dipped in secondary coat slurry & coated with coarser grits till a layer about ¼” to 3/8” is formed on the cluster of wax patterns.

Backup Coat Slurry Dip
Fluidized Bed Stucco
Drying Room

In between 2 coats the shell are dried at an appropriate room temperature & humidity.

Drying Room
Flash Fire De-Wax

The shell thus formed is de-waxed to drain out the wax by application of heat.

Flash Fire De-Wax
Pouring Shell Firing

The empty shell is now heated to red heat.

Shell Firing
Pouring Shells 1 OR Shells 2

The part is poured in the required metal like alloys of Carbon Steels, Stainless Steels & Copper alloys.

Either Poured Shells 1 OR Poured Shells 2
Pneumatic Knockout

After the poured shell have cooled, they are subjected to high impulse hammering to remove the ceramic from the shells. The parts are separated from the cluster by gas cutting, gouging or by abrasive cut off. The gate stubs are ground to give a clean look.

Pneumatic Knockout
Dimensional Inspection

The parts are inspected for dimensions & also for other defects, visually.

Dimensional Inspection
Packing and Dispatch

Dispatch & shipping - Trident Steels ships its investment cast parts to countries like USA, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany etc. and also to customers within India.

Packing and Dispatch
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